Parts Acquisition and Resale Assistance

  • Bulk repurchase of parts for painless liquidation with competitive pricing for your valuable hardware.
    • We can offer you quick cash for everything, from the GPUs down to the cables.
  • Convenient and easy process, whether you have one GPU/Rig or 100.
  • Skip all of the hard work and time drain of reselling parts one by one and put your money back to work ASAP!

Full Service Mining Farm Construction

  • Site Analysis and Design
  • Assembly and installation of ASICs, GPU, CPU or other mining hardware
  • Shelf/Hardware installation
    • General IT and Networking, Low voltage wiring
    • Security and surveillance
  • Customized parts selection specific to your build and needs
  • Neat, Quiet and High Resale value for residential farm
    • Scalability and Cost Control for commercial/industrial

24/7 Remote Management and Optimization

  • Active monitoring for maximum uptime
  • Active Switching between coins/pools for maximum profitability
    • Maximum profitability for your hardware – paid out in BTC
  • Software Upgrades and Tuning
    • Latest, fastest software packages
  • Power Efficiency Tuning
    • Tailored to your specific hardware, software and electricity cost
  • Web/Mobile Dashboard
    • Overview of operations
    • Rough estimate of daily profitability

Market Research and Accounting

  • Revenue, Profitability and ROI Reports based on your specific hardware and expenses

Individualized Training and Consultation

  • Storage and Security
    • Hardware wallets
    • Mobile wallets
  • Full nodes

Market Research/Trading

  • General trends, analysis of specific cryptoassets
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