Bitcoin / Crypto Mining Experts

Make Cryptocurrency Mining Profitable for You

We’ve helped entrepreneurs with budgets ranging from a few thousand dollars to millions build a passive income investment mining bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Our technical expertise will have you up-and-running quickly and efficiently.


What we do

bitpro designs, builds and manages cryptocurrency mining rigs and large-scale operations. In addition to our expertise in mining, we are a full-service consultancy with deep knowledge and expertise in all (profitable, worth your time) things cryptocurrency, making us a valuable partner and knowledge contributor. We help you build and maximize your investment – we make money with you, not off of you.

Our services roll up under the following categories but are not limited to the items listed below. If you are looking for help with some aspect of cryptocurrency that’s not described below contact us here – we probably do that too. 

  • Full-Service Cryptocurrency Mining Rig and Farm Construction
  • Cryptocurrency Market Analysis: Understand the opportunities for profitability in Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi and other altcoins
  • Individualized Training & Education
  • Hardware Upgrade and Liquidation Service


Who we are

Mark D’Aria, the founder and CEO of bitpro has been an avid cryptocurrency maven and builder of coin mining equipment since it became clear (to a natural skeptic) that the fundamental concept of blockchain currencies, like bitcoin, first expressed in the Satoshi paper, were not only economically viable but would in time fundamentally revolutionize finance and technology.  

Far from an armchair speculator or academic, Mark continues to mine, invest, stay up to date on the legal and political best practices and maintain a fluency with the latest developments in cryptocurrencies, from the well-known, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin to the exotic, to the speculative projects with the potential for phenomenal short-term returns.

Mark launched bitpro because his cryptocurrency mining and consulting side projects were more than paying for the hardware: they were making more money than his 6 figure job as a programmer!  He lives in Long Island, NY with his family and two dogs. Contact Mark to design, build, manage and advise your cryptocurrency endeavors in whatever capacity you need!