bitpro is the leading independent installation and mining operation management expert because our exclusive focus is preserving capital and maximizing long term profitability for our clients. Our team recognizes the value and potential of cryptocurrency in a complex global market economy. We have invested in the tools, connections and domain knowledge to generate value for our customers. We are motivated by the excitement of breaking new ground and unlocking the tremendous potential in the revolutionary capability of blockchain currencies to propel growth for our customers in previously uncharted territory.

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What sets us apart

Full service – We view our clients as partners:  we provide the technical expertise and market due diligence – equipping entrepreneurs of all types with the best tools to maximize their investment in the crypto revolution.

Expert – This isn’t our first rodeo – we’ve been mining since before Bitcoin was a household name. From GPUs to ASICs to hard drives, we’ve mined with everything under the sun. With a deep understanding and experience of the intricacies of mining and the ups and downs of the volatile crypto market cycles – when others see only adversity, we see opportunity.

Results-Oriented – Full-time dedication to mining equals full-time laser focus on maximizing profitability. Our clients have consistently outperformed the average miner through our unmatched efforts to squeeze every last drop of profit out of their hardware.

Partnership – Our fee structure is unique in that we never send you a bill for management and optimization services – our compensation is a small share of your mining power, we maximize our income by maximizing yours.

About Our Computer Hardware Supply Shop

We’re proud to be the leading supplier of pre-owned computer hardware on the web. It would not be possible without our extensive network of relationships built with miners and direct supply lines with manufacturers allowing us to offer top-quality PC parts at a bargain value to our customers.

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