About Bitpro

Our Mission

Bitpro has become a trusted name in cryptocurrency consulting because we deliver clear, actionable advice with the exclusive focus of preserving capital and maximizing long-term profitability for our clients. Our team recognizes the value and potential of cryptocurrency in a complex global market economy. We have invested in the tools, connections, and domain knowledge to generate value for ourselves & our clients. We are motivated by the excitement of breaking new ground and unlocking the tremendous potential in the revolutionary capability of blockchain currencies to propel growth for our customers in previously uncharted territory.

What Sets Us Apart?

Full Spectrum Service

We view our clients as partners: we provide the technical expertise and market due diligence – equipping entrepreneurs of all types with the best tools to maximize their investment in the crypto revolution.


Our forays into all things cryptocurrency began in 2011 with the initial belief that bitcoin was a Ponzi scheme or a very clever scam. Rather than dismiss bitcoin, we went deep trying to discover the lie and ended up coming to the conclusion that it was genuinely revolutionary. The going deep lead us to investigate and develop expertise in all aspects, applications and potential areas for growth in the cryptocurrency space. We have had the privilege of meeting, educating and coaching many along the way, from individuals to hedge fund managers and company executives.

We’ve been mining at scale since 2013 and have followed the rise of bitcoin with interest from its early days. From GPUs & CPUs to ASICs & FPGAs to hard drives, we’ve mastered the hardware and software options for mining. With a deep understanding and experience of the intricacies of mining and the ups and downs of the volatile crypto market cycles – when others see only adversity, we see opportunity.


Our mining farm clients have consistently outperformed the average miner through our unmatched efforts to squeeze every last drop of profit out of their hardware.

Our investor clients have benefited from timely advice and the overarching vision of cryptocurrency history and trajectory, providing perspectives that preserve capital from loss and maximize profitability.

Our Story

Our founder and CEO, lifelong tech enthusiast, programmer, and IT professional, Mark D’Aria started mining in 2013 as a hobby and turned it into a full-time business in 2018.

The company he founded, Bitpro Consulting, went on to build and manage mining farms for several clients, some of which continued to be profitable even during the bear market. After the market crashed in 2018, we pivoted to acquiring the assets of failing mining farms all over the US. In the course of this business, it’s safe to say Mark has set foot in more mining farms and met more miners than anyone else in the world.

We’ve worked with everyone from small hobby miners to CEOs of publicly-traded mining companies. Since then, Bitpro has become the largest seller of pre-owned computer hardware on eBay and Amazon. Bitpro maintains an active mining farm as well and enjoys active partnerships with several large miners. Our farm’s focus is GPU and Ethereum mining, but our team remains intimately familiar with mining Bitcoin and alt-coins and we stay appraised of market developments daily. In the recent past of the current bull market, we’ve consulted for hedge funds and mining startups. Mark has been frequently asked for expert commentary on mining-related news for CNN Business & Cointelegraph and you can find our articles in Yahoo Finance news and Hacker Noon.