Sell Your Entire Mining Farm / Mining Rigs

We know what’s important to miners. Sell your hardware at the best prices in the industry to Bitpro and you will recoup the maximum amount of value from your investment quickly. 

We know your time is important and you need to devote it to the next thing. Many sellers underestimate the time and effort it takes to move large amounts of hardware involved in crypto mining. Bitpro will turn it into cash, a bank wire or crypto in the few days it takes us to come pick it up from your facility. 

Selling excess/used mining equipment injects revenue into your next project and that can make the difference between a successful entrepreneur or a guy hodling the wrong bag too long. 

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Have a lot of computer hardware to sell?

We are the answer to the question “Where to sell pc parts?” because we pay quickly and fairly and prioritize your time (ask our customers).  

We aim to provide you with a fast, hassle-free way to turn hardware into cash. Our customers value our service because it saves them the trouble of taking photos, listing, packing, trips to the post office, buyer questions, returns (and return shipping), scams and payment issues. 

Our professional, competitive computer hardware liquidation service enables you to sell your used and surplus components for the highest return on investment. 

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Selling IT equipment?

At Bitpro, we buy equipment from recognizable (Dell, HP, Cisco, IBM, SUN), obscure, domestic and international brands & manufacturers. 

Our goal is to make your transition fast and painless, whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, merging or moving. 

We’ve helped companies hit their business goals during periods of change by purchasing their networking equipment, servers, hard drives, video production equipment and more at fair, competitive prices. 



Securely Selling Components with Data

Bitpro maintains the highest standards in customer privacy and has invested in the equipment to securely wipe data in compliance with the most up-to-date NIST 800-88 standards and the older DoD 5220.22-M recommendations, with reports available upon request. 


Cashing-in with Bitpro:

Selling your used computer hardware/equipment to a liquidator carries several benefits that propel your business to new heights:

  • Maximizing ROI on your investment
  • Decreasing cost of ownership
  • Freeing up space in your facility / eliminating rent expense
  • Providing capital fuel for business growth 

How it works

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The Bitpro Advantage


We respect your time


We’re optimize for convenience

 Fair Prices

We re-purpose, keeping margins slim

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Our Sellers Are


Selling their mining farms or rigs to upgrade or recoup the money on their investment


Looking to upgrade / trade-in their graphics cards and upgrade their gaming rigs for the best experience

Our sellers are folks like you: looking to be paid a fair price, quickly and safely, for their computer parts.

Business owners are often upgrading their workstations and systems or their business hardware needs have changed. Many of our clients have gone from cryptocurrency mining to production processing or AI. 

Gamers are often upgrading their rigs. If this is you, check out our trade-up program for GPU and other computer components. As we give higher compensation on store credit. 

Graphics and video design is constantly evolving to demand more powerful processing. We’re there when you want to recoup value from your hardware investment. 

Graphic Designers

Selling their last generation computer hardware to invest in the latest gen video card & optimize their workflows


Liquidating their used server hardware and processing to keep pace with technology

Our Dream & Team

Bitpro IT was founded from the ashes of Mark D’Aria’s cryptocurrency consulting business and keen enthusiasm for all things that fall into the computer component bucket. Mark is a technologist, consummate gamer, IT professional, programmer, and more recently, an avid reddit rabble-rouser.  

Always looking for cool, new stuff to argue about with other redditors, Mark tried out GPU mining because…free internet money from your gaming rig! He quickly became in-demand for mining rig building and management from his friends, their friends and then crypto mining businesses at large. 

Crypto really mooned in 2017 and so did Bitpro! Mark found his clients were more profitable when he sourced their hardware and began to develop relationships to strengthen this aspect of his business. 

The crypto market quickly went bear and many of his clients were looking to cash out. So Bitpro pivoted into liquidating, sourcing and purchasing. Mark hired Kel full time on account of his engaging web copy and experience growing companies. He hired Anthony to ensure all hardware was cleaned, tested and restored to factory defaults before it’s next destination.

The Bitpro team focused  on making their interactions with sellers as frictionless and productive as possible, so that everyone got the hardware they wanted and got rid of the hardware they didn’t want in a fast, convenient and reliable way, with respect for everyone’s time at the crux.

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